Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is by far the best class I've ever taken! Fusing taken to the next level with twisted and knotted rings taught by Kriss Silva at the Kapolei Bead It. Not only were we taught the basics of fusing the rings, Kriss gave many useful tips on upping our creativity and pushing the boundaries of our skills.

I created four rings during the three hour class and I couldn't be happier. These photos are taken prior to tumbling. All I did was use a wire brush on them. Then once I got home, I attacked them with some Pro-Polish pads. I'll take photos again once I have them tumbled.

I ordered a tumbler and just received notice that it has finally arrived. I'll be picking it up next Friday. Once I get the tumbler in my studio/bedroom/living space, I'll be able to create some pieces for my shop! I'm still amazed that I created these rings out of these wires...

These rings look great stacked together. I wish I could make more tonight. But I have to get to sleep as I have to work in the morning...

Btw-This Sunday is Etsy Hawaii's first meeting! I'll try to get photos to post. It will be fun to finally meet everyone. When I first joined Etsy back in '05, I think there were only a handful of Hawaii sellers. I'm so happy to see Etsy growing here in the islands!

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