Thursday, September 13, 2007

Etsy Hawaii Team in action...

Here in Hawaii, not many people know about Etsy. I don't know if it's like that where you live, but here it's all about the mall shopping and mass-produced. I sometimes get the impression that handmade goods are not as appreciated and even looked down upon. That a handmade item has less quality than one that is created by some automaton. Maybe it's like that in most places.

I'm the opposite. I've always loved unique, original designs created by artisans. I can remember as a child growing up in Japan and visiting my Grandmother's village in Kakuda City. And visiting the local basket maker that lived across from her farm. I would stay there all day watching him create huge baskets for farm use and delicate little creations for gifts...stripping huge bamboo and slicing strips to use. He would walk to his supply shed and carefully choose the cut bamboo for his baskets. He would tell me that it was important to choose just the right one for each new creation. It was my favorite part of those visits, helping him to choose material for a new basket!

So, it was with great joy that I was able to find Etsy. Imagine a global marketplace for artisans and crafters of all walks to show their wares for sale. I was so excited! And it's been quite a journey for me to discover just what it is that's important for me as a crafter.

And now this awesome opportunity to be able to share Etsy with our state. Enjoy the photos...then take a look at the video of the segment that aired here last night!

A group shot of myself, Angela from AMKstitches, Cindy Cha, our reporter from KHNL, and Michelle of 3D Cranes.

Product shots from the three featured sellers. Along with bags and wooden creations from our Big Island seller, Sasaki Creations.

Happy faces! Relief that it's over and looking forward to a relaxing lunch with each other.

Our wonderful camera-guy, photojournalist Darin Akita. He was behind-the-scenes, but was instrumental in helping us put this segment together!

And here is the link to aired segment...Etsy Hawaii interview with KHNL.

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Jane O said...

Yay! I was reading the "Storque" on Etsy and saw the article. Great job! I love seeing press from Hawaii, especially about talented crafters like yourself. Hawaii is the place that got me started crafting again.

*sigh* I miss home.