Monday, August 11, 2008


Still here. It's been a long while. I haven't created any new jewelry. Only for special requests. I have straightened out my workspace only to end up using it to pile stuff on it. It's a mad cycle.

But I am on a short vacation from the day job and hoping that this time off will give me space to meditate and think about what path I want to be on. The last six months have been hectic, stressful, painful. I'm getting pretty tired of being in this state and am desperately searching for new ways. Not sure if it is depression. Quite sure that it is something that I can get out of if I can just focus on a goal. I turned 46 in April. Maybe this is what a mid-life crisis feels like?

What have I been up to? Well, I finally visited my doctor after four years! I don't recommend it. I am always the friend that harps about getting an annual and a mammogram! So I don't understand how I let so many years go by without one. I have discovered that I am suffering from fibroids. I've been so out of it, I haven't noticed the symptoms!

I have also decided to change the way I eat. Since January, I have been on a mostly vegetarian diet. It's difficult when I'm surrounded by meat-eaters that think that fish/chicken/turkey is not meat! I think they are finally coming around to realizing what it is I am trying to accomplish!

I feel better and can tell the difference in the way my body responds to food. I don't crave sweets anymore. And when I do rarely give in to temptation or laziness, I really can tell the difference in my body. I feel tired, headache-y, and start craving all kinds of unhealthy foods.

And I've lost 15 pounds! I think I'll keep this lifestyle.

I have to talk about the above photo for a moment. It is from a palmistry class I took this past weekend at Studio Be in Chinatown. The class was taught by Master Palm Reader Rose Kopp. It was an incredible class and I learned some things about myself that will help me. I'm practicing on everyone around me! Fun, fun...

I will also be taking another class this weekend! It is in soldering jewelry. I will try to get some photos and post them here next week.

Until then, hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy what is left of the summer!


3DCranes said...

Hi Kathi!
Hope you're feeling better soon!


jAe said...

yes, it's interesting to see how when you adopt a diet/lifestyle that suits your body better, your body finds a more natural size - i lost 10lbs. in the first month i became vegan, which i accredit to the omission of dairy, a focus on more whole foods and a greater taking of responsibility for what i was putting in my mouth.

on a completely different note, i think you facebook friend requested me a while ago and i said i only befriended people i know personally. i've taken the most personal stuff off my fbook account, and opened it up to readers of Get It Ripe, so if you'd still like to be 'friends', i'd like that. please request me again. (and if i'm remembering incorrectly, i apologize!)