Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello, 2009...hello!

Happy New Year! I am very happy to have 2009 finally arrive. I allowed my creativity to fall to the wayside in 2008. Why? Not sure. Perhaps it was going into the final stretch of our old administration and making sure that I expended enough energy to make sure I did my part to change/enlighten the way those around me viewed politics and our world. What energy that was left was used to deal with my family and health, our changing economy, and hurting environment.

( photo by Brian Glanz )

I am ecstatic that we now have a President that I can be proud of and uplifts some of the same ideals I have held near and dear for many years. And how wonderful it is that Mr. Obama is a man that spent many of his formidable years here on Oahu! No man/womyn is perfect. The only way to ensure that our government's hard work is done to move our path forward as a nation is to send out as much positive energy as we can in our daily lives. And for me that means that this is the year I get off my tush and make the changes I've been needing to do for years.

That said, I'm working hard at cleaning out my clutter and have made some progress. I have more stuff to get rid of than I know what to do with right now. I'm transitioning my life into becoming 100% vegan. My meals have been completely vegan for six months. The most difficult transition is in my bead collection and yarn stash...they still include items that I will eventually have to weed out. No more pearls and no more wool. Do I sell these items? Trade them? Jewelry-wise, I will have to rethink my designs so that they do not include any bone or natural pearls.

Looking forward to the challenges...

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