Friday, February 06, 2009

the REAL me...

(me...nothing artifical)

So I've been doing a ton of thinking about where I want to go with my craft and my decision to go back to school next semester to finish my studies. In my mid-twenties, all I wanted to do was surround myself with music and that is what I pursued in school. Art was always there in the back of my mind and I was always doing some sort of crafting. Back then it was mostly needlework and paper art. Music is an art. It was easy for me to use my voice and it was something I loved very much.

Then I got married, had a child...twice. My kids' schooling was more important than my own but I continued with my crafting, learning new skills when time allowed. Parenting became a creative outlet and it was fun teaching my son and daughter all I knew about making things. Once the little ones were old enough, I decided to head back to the campus, but by then my inner voice had changed a bit, I was more political and I wanted to learn about how women were impacting the world. Thus, my inner feminist came forth. My focus became women's studies and anthropology. Then once again, life had other plans for me and I was facing a teenager that was heading to college himself. And well, as they say, "Life happens when you're busy making plans!"

This is my dilemma now. Do I continue where I left off or change my course once again? I find myself drawn to the arts. It's been there all of my life. I know I want to learn so much more about jewelry. There is a voice there in that realm. I'm just wandering if I'm brave enough to listen to it?


joonbeam said...

Aloha Kathi,

I found you in birose's treasury. I hearted your shop last year when I joined etsy and have been waiting for your return. Just had to drop by and say it's wonderful to see you again and what a lovely blog. I wish you all the best in this new year. I hearted your shop in my brand new joonwalk shop ID, but my original shop is joonbeam. I can relate to your feelings about path decisions. I am 52 and still wandering about on this journey.

My lifelong dream of visiting Hawaii is still a dream. But, as you say, life gets in the way. I'm in Austin now. It's closer than Boston. Baby steps.

Who is Isabella, then? :)



Moon said...

I think your more then brave enough to follow any path you choose. You have to do what you love...thats the important thing!
xoxo me

joonbeam said...

Hi Kathi...Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a note. Just had to drop by to say that we name our vehicles...which are few and far between, but we love the name Isabella so much that we named our current car Isabella Rossellini. :)

{It's a 1998 white Volvo wagon.}

I know our paths will continue to cross. Hope you're having a great week. joon