Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lunar Love

I love the moon! Even more than the sun. I guess somehow this last full-moon inspired me to create these circles...

Which planet had the three moons? Jupiter, I think! And Saturn. Pluto may also have three! How lovely would it be to look up into our skies and see three gorgeous moons?! Now that would be an inspiring sight indeed!

I created the three circles from different gauges of fine silver wire and fusing them together with a torch. Hammered them flat and dappled them to finish. I added a rutilated quartz briolette to the largest ring. I wire wrapped the three pieces together and slipped a sterling silver chain through the loops.

It's a large piece. The largest ring is about 3" across. I'm slowly collecting new tools and would have preferred using a two-hole punch to create holes at the top of each ring and hung them that way.

But this design is a work in progress. And I have many changes I'd like to do before I decide to list this one in my shop.


Angela said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!
I am a Hawaii Etsy seller too!

Wendi said...

The rings look enticing. Glad to hear you found out about that medication. That can be some scary stuff.

Oh, I was doing some product research on etsy (for myself) but saw this site.
I know it's a different look from yours but it made me wonder, how do we know if we are seriously under or overpricing?