Monday, November 12, 2007


So, I have been trying to concentrate on spreading my selling wings a little and have been looking outward for venues. Etsy will always be my first love and I will always have my shop there. The site has grown so much since I first joined and there have been many great changes. Those four guys had a great vision and continue to amaze me with their energy and innovation. Without Etsy, I would more than likely have never had a chance to realize my passion.

With the coming together of the Etsy Hawaii Street Team, I've also gained the confidence and knowledge that I just might be able to sell elsewhere. These sellers are outstanding and have so much experience in selling in all types of venues. It's given me the push I needed to start thinking outside the boundaries of my computer monitor.

Where will I be willing to go next year? How far can I push myself? I's not even Thanksgiving! But I also realize that if I want to make any business decisions for next year, I have to start planning NOW! I seriously thought that I could slide into this holiday season without any formal planning, but I've had a huge wake-up call! I should have been doing the planning 8 months ago!

I mean, really? Being a single mom, running a business, and working a more than 40-hour-week day job? It will take planning. My daily planner and calendar are going to be my new best friends! And damn the procrastination monster! "Seize the moment" will be my new motto.

How 'bout you? Got big plans for 2008?

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