Friday, October 26, 2007

For public viewing...

Tomorrow will be the first time I will take my wares out for sale in person. I'm very excited. And also quite frightened.

Selling my jewelry online is pretty easy when it comes to having to deal with rejection. I can't actaully see the lookers and lurkers as they peruse my shop. And unless someone has hearted me, I don't really sense any of the rejection at all. And watching the steady climb of views for each item can become a sense of security that my jewelry is getting some love from cyberspace!

And despite the excitement of putting together a display and creating a portable little shop, I am not without apprehension. I will be very happy if I'm just able to recoup my costs for the new set-up. What if I don't and the people just walk by with a polite smile? How will I feel? Will I be able to deal with that sort of turndown?

I create my pieces not with thought of sale, but because I am moved to create it. I imagine my love for making will overcome any negativity that I may feel tomorrow. And I will definitely report back here to let you know, dear reader(the one reader that reads this blog and I thank you for that!).

So stay tuned...

And for those on Oahu tomorrow morning, come check us out! We will be at the Aloha Stadium swap meet until 2pm. I will be there until 11am because I have to head off to my day job. Come see all the lovely things that our awesome Street Team has to offer.

See that banner up top? It was created by the awesome Martha Sanchez of Amor De Plata, creator of fine silver art jewelry!


Jane O said...

I'm so excited for you! I can definitely relate to the different levels of human interaction on the net versus a table at a a fair (or swap meet). I'm going to be trying my hand at that for my kids' school in December. Could give me some info on your experience? :)

Gis said...

You have some gorgeous stuff!!! so everything will go more than great!!

I love your work!!