Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm not the only one...

There are others out there! This could be about me. Knowing I'm not alone and others are struggling with the same things I had mentioned in an earlier post makes me hopeful and motivated to keep focused.

And that jar up there is going to help to reach my goals. And if you haven't checked out Chantelle's blog, you really should! Some serious money stuff for artists. Because you can't let the creative energy sucking stuff of life get in the way of your art.

Hmmmm, two posts in 24-hours? I do believe things are looking up...

1 comment:

hazelnutcottage said...

thank you for the link to this blog!!! just what i need in this season! :) have you seen jena's new biz series on modish? check it out..:)

ps...i chuckled out loud when i saw you enter my give away :)