Monday, March 23, 2009


I have found myself, many times, being bogged down by the details of a situation. In relationships, work projects, or even with money issues, I find myself lost in all the stickiness that goes on with the details. It's like driving over speed bumps, you have to slow down and pay attention. Those bumps are there for a reason. But if I spend all my time focusing on getting over those bumps, I lose sight of where I'm going.

I think we all know instinctively how abundant life can be. The trick is not to allow insecurities and the feeling of lack to get in the way. To stop putting off what should be done because things aren't "just right". Excuses of not having enough time, trying to survive gets in the way.

My goal this week? To not get stuck on a speed bump and just hit the workbench, grab my tools, and make something...everyday.

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