Tuesday, March 02, 2010



I am here. It's been an insane 2010. Learning new ways to deal with the mess that my life can be sometimes. Learning to be grateful for what is now. Calm sparks the creative flow. In the center is where I'm finding a place to...BREATHE...THINK...BE...me. 

Everything else swirls around me. Like a dance with life and its participants. Some moments are better dancers. And now I'm maturing enough to accept that some will inevitably step on my feet. Ouch! Hey, did that hurt? Yes, but I'm not going to let it cripple me. There's so much more to enjoy.

Always another dance...waiting. Constantly absorbing the newness of each day. Carrying its own energy, its own plan, its unique rhythm. 

I've discovered the steps that make my dance happy and joyful...what does your dance look like?

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